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 Client's Winter Fun... 

"I love this place.  My puppy and I learned a lot in puppy kindergarten and we are going back for pet 101 and try for AKC Puppy STAR.  I highly recommend this place.  Perfect atmosphere."

"Mallory was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job teaching. For only 6 weeks it was a lot of information well presented."

“Beth is fair, honest and very respectful of both dogs and handlers and genuinely interested in their learning.”

"Sumac is friendly, engaging and focused.  She can handle questions, adapt to behaviors, and is very informative."

About Marianne's Reactive Dog Class:  "She was so knowledgeable! She made sure we all felt comfortable and kept the classroom a safe and productive environment."

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 Cooperative Care 

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  • Cooperative Care starts June 7

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Cooperative Care

The goal of cooperative care is to make vet visits more comfortable and stress free for your dog, yourself and your veterinarian. It is important to expose and desensitize our pups to the things that need to happen at a vet visit, such as:

●    Handling (paws, ears, mouth, body)

●    Nail care 

●    Blood draws

●    Vaccinations

●    Force-free Weighing on the scale

In order to make the experience good for everyone and not cause a negative emotional response to the above, we desensitize, and practice each thing. There is another level of cooperative care that puts things in the dog’s paws, if you will. By teaching them to communicate when they are comfortable moving forward and when they are uncomfortable and need to stop, we are maintaining a harmonious relationship with our dog.

Successful Zoo animal examples:  training Elephants to place their ears through a spot in the fencing to have blood draws: teaching Giraffes to place their neck on a specific spot on the fence for vaccinations. Wolves have been taught to place their paw through a pipe in their enclosures to receive vet care. This practice has been used in dog training for many years.

It's all about making their experiences positive and safe for everyone.

No Prerequisites

Cooperative Care class:
Fridays June 7 - June 14, 2024
10:00am - 11:00am
2 Weeks

Instructor:  Tiffany Brown, CPDT-KA ~ $80

 Class Cancellation Policy 

Class Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you wish to drop out of class we will refund you the full amount, if you inform us two weeks prior to the start of class.  If you wish to drop out of class and you inform us one week prior to the start of class, we will refund your 50%.

There are no refunds if you drop out of class with less than one weeks notice or after class has started.

Class Cancellations

If we have to cancel class for any reason, we will schedule a make up class.  We will make every effort to stay with the original class schedule, but should a make up class be required there are no refunds for make up classes that you are unable to attend.

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